Cake Donut Depositors and Tooling

Through variation in cutting and batter handling methods, Moline’s cake donut depositors each produce a unique product. Our modular family of cake donut depositors allow for multiple depositors to be used with the same fryer.

Depositor DonutKing Hopper with plungers installed


  • Designed for 24/7 operation, unlike competitive equipment
  • Continuous cutting operation at high speeds
  • Highly versatile for many products, such as standard ring donuts, mini donuts, donut holes, cake sticks, crullers and more


Donut Depositor MD81-1

MD-81 Cake Donut Depositor

  • Industry standard for mini “gem” donuts
  • Creates a unique mini donut with tight center and added height compared to gravity depositors
  • Capable of higher speeds than gravity – 100+ cuts/minute


Depositor Fill-O-Matic front white

Fill-O-Matic Filled Cake Donut Depositor

  • The only cake donut depositor in the industry capable of producing a fully filled cake donut