Moline's Three-Level
Approach to Safety



We believe the best way to protect an operator from injury is to design the risks and hazards out of the equipment to the extent possible. Our engineers constantly evaluate and modify their designs to reduce potential hazards and safety risks. With each new piece of equipment, our senior team meets to challenge every safety aspect of the design and operation, identifying hazards, anticipating failure modes and presenting alternatives to reduce risk.


Guards and Lockouts

The next step to safety is to create a physical barrier between the hazard and the operator. Examples include grates, screens and enclosures that surround sheeters and cutters. Electrical lockout switches and level II interlocks trigger automated shutdowns should operators attempt to bypass guards.


Warn and Inform

Well-designed, properly placed warning signs on a machine provide an important opportunity for accident prevention. Moline has invested in leading-edge, durable warning signs for all of our equipment products and a program for continuous improvement. Training, supported by well-written safety manuals and use of proper personal protective equipment also plays a role in reducing the occurrence of accidents.