Raised and Cake Donut Production Systems

Moline is the only equipment supplier in the world that provides a turnkey yeast raised donut system for American donuts. Moline manufactures the three core elements in sheeting, proofing and frying.


Yeast Raised Donuts

  • Fully automated – one operator required
  • Flexibility for multiple products, including stamped, rotary cut and curled
  • Only supplier of automated Persian/honeybun lines
  • Continuous sediment removal and oil filtration to run for weeks with no downtime
  • Easily produce cake donuts on yeast raised donut lines


Cake Donuts

  • DonutKing gravity feed depositor, the most robust maintenance- and sanitation-friendly machine available
  • MD-81 is the industry standard mini-donut (gem) depositor
  • Highest volume systems available
  • Fryers minimize oil volume for quick oil turnover for highest product quality