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Moline Sheeting Lines
LIBRA Single, Dual and Triple Dough Sheeters
Providing efficient sheeting for all types of dough within a
compact, ergonomic footprint.  The single contains one set of sheeting rollers, the dual contains two sets and the triple contains three.  The optional satellite roller, available for single and dual sheeters, is installed in the upper infeed position and contains six individual rollers rotating around a single shaft.  This option increases reduction capability for fast and efficient sheeting.

LIBRA sheeters are available in both industrial and economy versions.  The optional automatic roller opening adjustment system (with powered roller opening manipulated from the operator interface) is also available.

Galaxy Sheeter
A large format unit that delivers high speed multi-roll sheeting for wide lines that process thick or laminated dough.  This sheeter is ideal for heavy formulations that require thorough, yet low-stress manipulation.

Spiral Sheeter
Providing simultaneous cross sheeting and dough reduction in one compact format.  The top roller assists dough reduction while the helical lower roller increases dough sheet width.

Moline Cross Sheeters
Multi-Roller Cross Sheeter
Provides cross sheeting with two multi-roller belt assemblies operating in opposite directions for gentle and efficient sheeting.

Single-Roller Cross Sheeters
Provides cross sheeting with a single roller for thick, low-stress and laminated doughs.  Two styles available - contact Moline for more information.

Dusters and Dispensers
Flour Dusters
Provides smooth and uniform application of flour across the width of the dough sheet.  Several styles are available including stationary and portable (portable shown).  Wide variety of options.

Provides smooth and uniform application of cinnamon or other fine-particle toppings across the width of the dough sheet.  Stationary and portable styles available (stationary shown) along with a wide variety of options.

Side Load Duster-Dispenser
Provides continuous application of flour or cornmeal across the width of the dough sheet.  Side loading means the hopper can be easily refilled during production (can also be used with a customer-provided ingredient supply source for continuous operation).  An auger/agitator system distributes topping evenly and uniformly.  Available in both stationary and portable versions.



LIBRA Sheeters

Galaxy Sheeters

Spiral Sheeters



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Multi-Roller Cross Sheeter

Single-Roller Cross Sheeter

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